"Writing letters is not one of my fortes but I'd like to tell you about my experience
building my new home. When I started the building process, I heard many horror
stories from others who had built. I was concerned that I would end up hating the
house and that my children would want to run away. Well, I'm happy to tell you
that my story is a happy one! I worked with Goodall Construction and have nothing
but nice things to say about them and the sub-contractors that they employed. Not
only was I impressed with their quality of work, I found their customer service to be
outstanding. No matter how many times I called and bugged them, I was always
treated with respect, my questions were answered and any problems were solved.

I think it sums it up when I say that my praise starts with Mike and trickles down to
the people who did the final cleaning. If ever I were to build again, I would consider
non other than Goodall Construction."

~ Annette Puleo



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